Body Glove is a South Bay Tradition

The Pacific Ocean is the lifeblood of the South Bay and is the main reason people visit or relocate here. Whether you like to surf, swim, scuba dive, sail or fish, the accessibility of the sea is what makes the Beach Cities so desirable over other areas. George Freeth brought surfing to the U.S. mainland via Redondo Beach way back in 1907, and the area has attracted surfers ever since. Besides surfing, there is a healthy diving community in Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes, with dive shops scattered around the area.

Body Glove rider Holly Beck

Body Glove rider Holly Beck

Body Glove is an internationally-known brand that proudly calls the South Bay home. The local waterman community wouldn’t be where it is without the foresight of twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell, who established the company in 1953. Known best for inventing wetsuits, the brothers soon began to attract a huge following. What began as a small store evolved into a diving center to buy regulators, air tanks, snorkeling gear, masks and spearfishing equipment. The other half of the store houses surfboards, leashes, swimsuits, wax and much more for serious surfers.

As the company has grown exponentially, Body Glove now sponsors local surfers Alex Gray, Holly Beck, Jamie O’Brien and dozens more. Their dive boat is a permanent fixture off the coast of Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. Events such as the opening of lobster season are centered around Dive n’ Surf, Body Glove’s local retail arm located near the Redondo Beach Pier. They are a huge part of the local community, hosting events such as the D-Man Festival and the Annual Yard Sale to cater to those who spend time in the ocean.

The pioneering spirit of the Meistrell brothers carries through today as the name Body Glove is synonymous with the South Bay. Stop by and check out their selection of diving and surf gear, whether you want to get started or are a seasoned expert. Dive n’ Surf is located at 504 North Broadway
Redondo Beach, Ca. 90277.