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Just Food For Dogs is the world’s first dog kitchen! We have a single objective: to increase the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible through a balanced, whole food diet.


It started when our founder, Shawn Buckley, became curious about what was in the commercial dog food he was feeding his dogs Simon and Nala.


He discovered that commercial pet foods:


  1. are loaded with by-products, preservatives and toxic chemicals
  2. use high temperatures, large batch cooking methods that reduce & eliminate nutrition value
  3. employ misleading and confusing labeling practices
  4. only 4 companies (Nestle, Mars, Del Monte & Colgate-Palmolive) own virtually all major dog food brands


Shawn concluded that he would never feed his dogs commercial food again. And thus, JustFoodForDogs was born.

Using only USDA Certified, human-grade, whole ingredients, our diets are cooked to preserve their natural nutritious value and complimented with additional nutrients per proven veterinary science. We have the distinction of being the only pet food ever proven healthy – a 1-year study at an independent, renowned university proved it! We offer daily diets for healthy dogs, prescription diets for sick dogs and custom formulations for sick dogs. We also offer healthy treats and a line of veterinary supplements to improve your pet’s health in a holistic way.

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