Weekend Surf Forecast: By SwellMagnet.com

Thursday morning both swells will be on the fade. The most exposed S/SW facing breaks will dip to the into the waist to chest high zone on the sets and the NW energy will continue to drop through the day. Don’t expect a whole lot of pop at the more Westerly facing beaches unless they can also pick up the SW energy. The conditions will be okay, with variable winds out of the ESE at 2-4 MPH until around 11AM and mild breezes unti sundown. Look for a real scorcher on the sand. The weather models are calling for 84 degree air temps at the beaches!

By Friday morning the SW energy will be the only show in town and the consistency and size will drop off as the day wears on. The top S/SW facing breaks will see inconsistent waist high plus sets. The tide will start off on the high side for the early riser and that will definitely have a negative impact on most breaks.

Saturday we look to see some fresh energy from the S/SW move up the line and put the best breaks into the chest to shoulder high zone on the sets. A fairly high tide of 4.33 feet High Tide around 7AM may slow things down a bit for select breaks, but the points and reefs should do fine as the tide slowly recedes into the afternoon.

Sunday morning the surf will start to back down, but we’ll see continued SW energy putting the most exposed S/SW facing breaks into the waist to chest high zone on the sets. We also have a chance at some wind swell developing for Monday morning. The longer range models have the outer waters kicking up their heels a bit, (on Sun), and the SB channel is due to get into the high 20’s – low 30’s for Sunday afternoon and into the evening.

The Current Water Temps are as follows – Newport 65 degrees, Huntington 66 degrees, the South Bay showed as 65 degrees, Santa Monica 66 degrees and Malibu 65 degrees.

This is M.D., the Surf Dr., delivering more hollow promises.